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The easiest way to prove you are an adult online or in apps, with complete anonymity. Powered by Portes

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PortesCard Voucher

The 18+ PortesCard is a voucher you can purchase at one of over 60,000 PayPoint or epay locations in the UK.

It not only proves your age to online platforms, it has a number of built-in and upcoming additional features.

How to get a PortesCard Voucher

1. Visit an official PortesCard vendor.

2. Show ID, if asked, and purchase a PortesCard voucher.

3. Scan or manually enter the voucher code with the Portes App within 24 hours of purchase.

Visit portes.is/av for more information.

4. Anonymous proof-of-age is placed on your device in the Portes app in a format we call a DIID. This DIID is valid for 1 year from activation.

5. At this point, the PortesCard voucher is invalid and can be destroyed.

How it Works


Whenever you see the Portes Verification Box, a simple tap will launch the app and provide the platform with anonymous age verification in 2-5 seconds


Simply use the Portes app on your smartphone to scan the code that appears on your screen.

Parental Controls

Not only can you prevent unauthorised use of Portes on your own device, if you download the Portes app to your children’s devices, you can prevent them from activating a PortesCard and accessing platforms that require age verification (Powered-by-Portes).

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