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Fraud Prevention and Parental Controls

Why PortesCard

Nearly all age verification solutions operate based on a preponderance of end-user information that is entered online and checked against a database. It is not impossible for a child to know an adult's information and attempt to spoof an online age verifier.

On the Internet, no one knows you’re not a 58 year old man from central London.

Additionally, most of the Age Verification solutions are account-based, which means that if a child does obtain proof-of-age, it will become very difficult to know of this, to delete an account, or to prevent future use.

This is why face to face verifications, via purchasing a PortesCard, provides the best first line of defense against fraud, as there can be a visual confirmation of age.

The name's McLovin.

PortesCard Expirations

Vouchers begin a 24 hour countdown to expiration from their moment of purchase. That means you must redeem them with the Portes App within that period. This makes it impossible to purchase codes in bulk and store them indefinitely, or attempt to sell them online. If you are attempting to purchase a code though an online process, you should be aware that that code is likely fraudulent and already expired. We are also exploring the option of having vouchers expire after a 12 hour period.

Once a voucher has been sold and expires, or is redeemed in the Portes App, it cannot be used again.

Pocket money gone!

Parental Controls

The Portes App can be installed on a child’s device to prevent the App from operating, or to simply lock out Adult Age Verification.

App Lockout

If you download the Portes App to your child’s device, you can lock the app completely by opening the App Settings and selecting “Require Authentication” and set a 4-6 digit PIN, which will lock out all app functions.

Age Verification Lockout

A better option than locking the entire app, is turning on Parental Controls in the Apps Parental Settings, then turn on “Lock Age Verification”, and set a 4-6 digit PIN. This simple act serves as both a preventative measure, and an anti-fraud measure, letting you stick it to criminals selling vouchers to your kids on a secondary market.

  1. If the Age Verification locks is on, the app will refuse to allow any Age Verification PortesCard voucher to authenticate and become an Age Verification DIID on the device. It will also not allow access to any adult-based content on any Portes-enabled third party service.

  2. The Age Verification lock will allow a child to scan or enter an Age Verification voucher code into the Portes App on their device, but instead of creating an Age Verification DIID on the device, it will instead immediately invalidate that voucher and notify Portes that this is a fraudulent attempt to obtain an Age Verification DIID. While we do not know which device made this attempt, we do know the shop where it was purchased and can notify these shops that fraudulent PortesCards have been sold at their location. If the abuse continues, we may remove the shop from selling PortesCard.

  3. The Age Verification Lock can also inform a third party site or app that this is in fact a child, and if the site/app has a “Safe Mode”, can allow kids to safely use the service.

*It is likely illegal to purchase and provide a PortesCard to a minor, without parental consent. If we detect repeated fraud patterns, we will notify authorities.

Deleting the Portes App

As a parent, if you find that your child’s device has the Portes App on it, and already has a PortesCard Age Verification voucher activated, you can perform the following actions.

  1. If the Portes App is on the child’s device and you discover an Age Verification DIID, simply open the DIID and delete it. If the DIID or the app is locked, and your child will not unlock it, simply delete the Portes app, and any Age Verification DIID’s will be immediately destroyed, and cannot be restored from backup.

  2. Reinstall the Portes App on their device, open the App Settings, and select Lock Age Verification. Once Age Verification is locked, even deleting and restoring the App will not deactivate this.

  3. As an added layer of security, you can turn on System-Wide Parental Controls in iOS or Android, which can prevent the installation or deletion of apps, without your permission.